Jubilee Acres Growing Project 2019

In 1997, the Kraemer Family Farming business took note of a small profit from the year's operation. They asked each other if there was a way to get better results than just a few dollars of profit for charity. Just then, Canadian Foodgrains Bank gave a presentation to a group at Sacred Heart High School in Walkerton. From that meeting a small group of directors, coordinators, farm input providers, donors and supporters started the beginnings of Jubilee Acres. The name was chosen in honor of the upcoming Christian Jubilee Year 2000.

Since then, Jubilee Acres has provided the Foodgrains Bank with over $3 million by raising donations within the community and the matching grant from the government of Canada.

Each year, the 10 acre plot on the home farm at Greenock provides corn, beans or wheat for sale and donation to Foodgrains Bank. Our annual spring and fall Jamborees and banquets complemented with the delicious banquet has also been a steady source of donations. Donations are always welcome through mail sent to PO Box 1403, Walkerton On N0G 2V0 or on online through this webpage. If you are interested in being part of our team, please contact us by mailing the above address or email julekraemer@wightman.ca. To learn more about Growing Projects across Canada, please click here.

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