South Huron Growing Project 2019

We are a growing project in the municipality of South Huron, Huron County, Ontario, Canada. Our project receives donated inputs from local seed & fertilizer suppliers and we supply the land in order to grow the crop for free. We have local farmers who donate their farm equipment and time in order to plant, spray, and harvest the crops for our project. We have been growing crops since 1994 in order to support people across the entire world who don't have enough to eat. Our donations each year are given to Canadian Foodgrains Bank located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. For every dollar you donate, the Canadian Government provides a match of up to 4:1. Everyone in our growing project is donating their time, so every penny goes to help the people in need. Any money you donate will be greatly appreciated by our local growing project and will help in the need of helping to end world hunger. Thanks for your interest in our Growing Project.

Recent donations

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